Bienvenido a TheBeastHosting

9 years of experience in Minecraft Hostings

We are experts in what we do and we know everything you need, that's why we give it to you efficiently and economically

Our Core Team

We also have several agents externally and remotely to help us with daily tasks and administration of the network and servers

Marc Iglesias Hernández

Executive Director

I'm Marc passionate about computing and video games. For 7 years I have been in the Minecraft Community, years ago it occurred to me to offer my knowledge and sell services for all those who want to host their server at a reasonable price. I'm in charge of marketing, sales and some systems administration

Miguel Alonso

General Manager

I'm Mac Fresno, from Madrid, and I've been passionate about computers since I was a kid. Take part in the project with the mission of maintaining technical quality standards at the level that our customers require. I am mainly in charge of the Technical Support department, as well as the systems administration

Company History

In 2014, our founder, Marc Igclesias, founds TheBeastHosting as a project to bring the quality and self-demand of professional hosting services for large companies, at an exorbitant cost, to those who are starting a project on the Internet.

Our philosophy is and has always been to treat all customers, even the smallest, with all the respect they deserve, to achieve this we base our philosophy on three fundamental pillars

What is our philosophy?

Technical excellence: We use the best Hardware to give the best service

Best Support: We consider it intolerable that a companys support is inefficient and ineffective, we solve all problems as if they had the highest priority.

Price: We reduce margins to be able to offer our services to even the newest entrepreneurs in this world

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