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Corporate name: TheBeastHosting

Company name: Taltum Solutions S.L.

Number of intra-community VAT ID: ESB67078360

Company headquarters: Carrer de Picasso, 4, 08980 Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona

Director: Marc Iglesias Hernández

Privacy Policy

At TheBeastHosting we have absolute respect for your data and your privacy. The data we have in our system are exclusively to manage the services you contract with and assist you as best as possible. We strictly comply with Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).

We have registered our files in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), where you can consult them, as befits all the entities that handle personal data.

At all times you can access them and rectify them. We inform you about the data we handle and how and for what we use them. If you want to exercise your right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, you just have to send us your request along with a copy of the NIF of the owner to or through postal mail: TheBeastHosting, SL located in Carrer de Picasso, 4, 08980, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. Remember to keep them always updated, you can do it from your Control Panel.

Of course, you have the guarantee that in no case will we give them to third parties, because they are absolutely confidential and we treat them with great care. We have a security system that prevents its loss and prevents unauthorized alteration or access. We also have an SSL security certificate, issued by THAWTE INC, to guarantee the transmission of personal data through our website in a secure environment.

When you browse, cookies are generated that are necessary for the operation of some applications and to extract statistics of the visits we receive. In any case they are anonymous, with the exception of those that are intended to keep your username and password when you enter your Control Panel; in this way you avoid re-typing each time you want to access the management of your services. Keep in mind that you can deactivate cookies whenever you want from your own browser.

We also want to inform you at all times about the improvements we are implementing in the services you have hired, as well as the news that we believe may be of interest to you. TheBeastHosting is absolutely contrary to the practice of spamming: you are always t & u; who decides if you want to receive this type of communication or not.

If you have any questions about our Data Protection Policy, please contact us and we will help you resolve it.

Data Protection Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates both the treatment of personal data that Marc Iglesias Hernández (hereinafter, TheBeastHosting) performs as the data controller, and the data protection regime applicable to the services provided by TheBeastHosting when Act as the data processing manager that users deal with in their services. In both cases, whether TheBeastHosting acts as responsible or in charge of the treatment, it strictly complies with the requirements of the current regulations on the protection of personal data, and absolute respect is maintained for the data and privacy of the users. .

This Policy is permanently accessible through the link enabled on the website, called 'Data protection', and can be updated at any time, either as a result of a regulatory change or by modifying the configuration of the services or the type of business developed. Modifications that imply changes in the provision of the contracted service, or require the consent of the interested parties, will be communicated thirty calendar days in advance so that the interested parties can express their opposition to the processing of their data according to the described change, or so that customers can adopt the measures they deem appropriate in relation to the modification communicated. If after the period provided the user re-accesses his services or does not communicate his opposition, the new conditions will be accepted.

Responsible for the Treatment

TheBeastHosting treats data in a fair and lawful manner; It only deals with those data that it considers appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and the specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which it obtains them, and does not use them for purposes incompatible with those for which the data has been collected. .

1.1. Truthfulness

The users of the website (hereinafter, the users) are responsible for the veracity and timeliness of the data they provide to TheBeastHosting, being considered accurate and current the data provided by them. Users can modify and/or update their data, and their preferences regarding the treatment of the data provided, through the configuration of the options that are available in the 'Client' area. (also called, 'Control Panel').

1.2. Information

TheBeastHosting, as the responsible for the treatment, informs that both the personal data provided by the users when registering and those provided to hire any of the services offered in or to resolve any incident that is reported by any of the available means of contact (telephone, chat or email), they are incorporated or can be incorporated into a file of their ownership, duly registered in the Registry enabled by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, and which will be treated accordingly. with the terms provided in this Privacy Policy.

To access and/or browse the website of is not necessary to provide any data. The mandatory nature of the answer to the questions that are asked, or of the data requested through the website, is indicated by the inclusion of an asterisk (*) following the question or field of the form. If the required data is not provided, it will not be possible to provide the requested service or functionality.

TheBeastHosting does not process minors' data in any case, since only the registration as a user and the hiring of services through the website are allowed to persons of legal age with full capacity to act in legal traffic.

1.3. Purposes

TheBeastHosting will only deal with the personal data provided by users in accordance with the purposes described in this Policy and in the General Contracting Conditions of the services contracted by users, which are listed merely as follows:

Users: the data collected by any of the means or contact channels identified on the website (including, chats or telephone calls) are used for the purpose of managing the account and services contracted by users, both technical level such as accounting, tax or administrative, and/or to notify incidents, news or any information of interest about their services.

TheBeastHosting uses the contact data provided by the users to send them, electronically or otherwise, information about the improvements they are implementing in the services they have hired, and to keep them informed about the news that they consider may be your interest (offers and promotions). TheBeastHosting is absolutely contrary to the practice of spamming: the user is the one who decides - and authorizes- whether or not it wants to receive this type of communication, either when registering as a user in and, therefore, accepting the General Conditions of TheBeastHosting and this Policy, or when requesting information of this type by any of the means of contact provided on the website.

TheBeastHosting retains the traffic and location data generated in the framework of the provision of electronic communications services contracted by users, available to the competent authorities during the legally established period, in accordance with Law 25/2007, October 18, for the preservation of data related to electronic communications and public communications networks. These data are not used for commercial promotion purposes.

Human resources: the data received is kept to take them into account in future selective processes of workers and/or collaborators.

Suggestions, Complaints or Comments: the data collected is used to answer the received communications and provide them with the corresponding answer

Contact: the data received by any of the means and/or contact channels indicated on the website, are used to contact and/or manage the request or incident reported. Received calls can be recorded, for security reasons and to improve the quality of services.

The cookies used by TheBeastHosting are anonymous and do not provide references that allow to deduce personal data of the user. The only non-anonymous cookies, that is, those that allow the identification of the user, are those that the user voluntarily activates when accessing the & ldquo; & Aacute; rea Client & rdquo; of the website. These cookies store the username on your terminal equipment, as well as a hash of the user's name and password, for fifteen days, with the sole purpose of facilitating access to areas restricted to the user without the need to manually enter the password. access every time. To know our policy of installation and management of storage devices and data recovery in terminal equipment consult our Cookies Policy.

Social networks: users who use the automated publishing service in social networks must provide their access codes (username/email address and password) to these networks, which will be used for the sole purpose of publishing on behalf of the users the contents that they provide. These contents must respect both the current legislation and the conditions of use of the social networks themselves.

1.4. Consent

Users consent to the processing of their data in the terms indicated above by accepting this Privacy Policy when registering as a user of TheBeastHosting, or by sending information or using any of the means of contact provided on the website TheBeastHosting .com, or when contracting the specific service that requires said treatment in accordance with the General Contracting Conditions of the corresponding service. Users must refrain from providing personal data of other interested parties, unless they have the appropriate authorization, according to which said interested parties will have been previously and duly informed about the content of this Privacy Policy and, specifically, that consent that your data be provided to TheBeastHosting to be treated in accordance with the corresponding purposes, as well as that you can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (hereinafter, jointly called ARCO) in the terms described in this Policy. In any case, TheBeastHosting will cancel the registered data as soon as they are no longer necessary or pertinent for the purpose for which they were collected, and may keep them - duly blocked- during the time in which any type of liability derived from a relationship or legal obligation or the execution of a contract or the application of pre-contractual measures requested by the interested party.

1.5. Assignment

TheBeastHosting does not transfer data to third parties, unless a Law or a community regulation stipulates otherwise, or if it is necessary for the provision of the contracted service. In this case, it only communicates the essential data to manage the request of the users and provide the contracted services, so that the assignment responds to the free and legitimate acceptance of an existing legal relationship between the interested parties and TheBeastHosting, whose development, Compliance and control necessarily imply the connection of the data and that includes the necessary transmission of the same. In the event that a user leaves a comment or interacts socially with the website of or in the social networks in which it is present, it must be borne in mind that its data will be published in the environment in which it acts. Say, you will be expressly authorizing the communication of your data - associated with the action you take - to the rest of the users who access the website or social network.

1.6. Revocation

The consent given, both for the treatment and for the transfer of data of the interested parties, is revocable at any time by communicating it to TheBeastHosting in the terms established in this Policy for the exercise of ARCO rights. This revocation in no case will be retroactive.

1.7. Rights

Those interested can exercise their ARCO rights, and revoke the consent given for the treatments and/or assignments of their data, at any time by requesting it by postal mail addressed to the Legal Department of TheBeastHosting, at the following address: Carrer de Picasso, 4, 08980, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona; or, by sending an email to In any case, the request for a copy of the official document proving the identity of the owner of the data must be accompanied.

1.7. In charge of the Treatment

Data transfer, access and/or processing of personal data that are the responsibility of TheBeastHosting users when they are necessary for the adequate provision of the services they have hired is not considered. In such cases, TheBeastHosting will have the status of responsible for the treatment in accordance with current regulations on data protection. The data protection regime applicable to these treatments is regulated both in this Policy, as in the General Conditions for Contracting of the corresponding Service and in the Particular Conditions that make up the order or final request (collectively, the Main Contract).

2.1. Legitimization

The user who hires the service (hereinafter, Contracting Party), or where appropriate the third entity that decides on the purpose, content, use and treatment of personal data, are the only ones responsible for the data that they stay in the services of TheBeastHosting. TheBeastHosting treats the information hosted in its services exclusively on behalf of the Contracting Party in the terms and conditions stipulated in the Main Contract. The Contracting Party, or the third entity to which this is providing a service treating data for which it is responsible, state that they are owners of files containing personal data collected legally and that, by virtue of the services contracted to TheBeastHosting, authorizes its treatment, to the extent necessary for the provision thereof.

2.2. Obligations

In those cases in which TheBeastHosting may have access to the data, it undertakes not to apply, use, or disclose the data processed for purposes other than those derived from the Main Contract. TheBeastHosting will only process the data contained in its services to execute the contracted services on behalf of the Contracting Party in accordance with the instructions indicated and, in no case, will it use them for purposes other than those agreed in the Main Contract. . TheBeastHosting will not communicate or allow access to the treated data to any third party, not even for its preservation, unless: in the Main Contract the opposite is established, or the communication is necessary for the provision of the services contracted or that the cession is imposed by a rule with the status of Law. In this sense, the contracting party expressly authorizes TheBeastHosting, when contracting any of the services available on the website, to subcontract in its name and on its behalf how many entities necessary for the correct provision of the services detailed in the Main Contract. The entities thus subcontracted will have the status of processor, will be subject to the same rules of data protection and confidentiality as TheBeastHosting and will regulate their relationship with TheBeastHosting in accordance with the regulations on data protection. The identity of these subcontracted entities is published on the website.

2.3. Subcontracting

In the event that the Contracting Party acts as the person in charge of the processing of a third entity responsible for the data, it must guarantee before contracting any service that implies the processing of this data, which has the express authorization of this for proceed with the subcontracting of the services entrusted to it and that coincide with the purpose of the Main Contract, also ensures that the relationship with the third entity responsible for the data is legally regulated in accordance with the requirements of current legislation on protection of data prior to contracting the service through Otherwise, you must refrain from subcontracting with TheBeastHosting and if you breach this prohibition, you will be responsible and will assume any sanction imposed on it as a consequence of this lack of legitimacy.

2.4. Security

TheBeastHosting has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of personal data and to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the current regulations on data protection. personal character. Specifically, the measures associated with the average level of security for files and/or automated processing, in accordance with Title VIII of Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, approving the Regulation for the Development of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Personal Data. TheBeastHosting only provides the technical infrastructure, and if so contracted, the administration of the same, circumscribing its responsibility to the security measures provided in relation to these functions. Therefore, its responsibility will be limited to those tasks that, by the very nature of the Main Contract, should be carried out by TheBeastHosting directly in the services (such as, for example, the restriction of access to the premises where the resources are located. host the data). TheBeastHosting declines any responsibility for the breach of the security systems of the Contracting Party or the inviolability of the information when it is transported through any communications network. TheBeastHosting will not respond to security incidents that occur as a result of an attack or unauthorized access to the systems in such a way that it is impossible to detect or prevent it by adopting the necessary measures according to the state of the current technology, or or a lack of diligence of the user or Contracting Party in relation to the guard and custody of their access codes and/or personal data. The Contracting Party recognizes that these measures are adjusted to the level of security applicable to the type of information processed as a result of the provision of the service that TheBeastHosting performs on behalf of the Contracting Party, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on data protection . It is the exclusive responsibility of the Contracting Party to assess whether the conditions of the Main Contract are appropriate to their needs and comply with the legal requirements to which they are bound as the File/Treatment Manager. In the event that the treatment to be performed requires any additional measure to those indicated in the Main Contract, the Contracting Party must inform TheBeastHosting so that it may offer the possibility of contracting additional technologies and services necessary to implement said security measure. The hiring of the additional measure will be done through the formalization of a specific document that will be annexed to the Main Contract. If TheBeastHosting can not provide the additional measure required by the Contracting Party, it will notify it as soon as possible. In the event that the provision of the contracted service requires an additional measure not communicated to TheBeastHosting or not contracted after offering such option to the Contracting Party, TheBeastHosting will not be liable for the failure to implement the security measures required by current regulations in terms of data protection. Similarly, if the rating of the file level treated by TheBeastHosting for the provision of the contracted service was erroneous, TheBeastHosting will not be liable for the lack of adequacy of the security measures to the provisions of the regulations.

The Contracting Party must notify the identification of the files or treatments on which TheBeastHosting is responsible for the treatment, indicating the name of the file, its level or security measures and the data of the File/Treatment Manager, as well as notify any change in the previous data. In the event that the contracting party fails to comply with this obligation, it will be liable for the penalties imposed on TheBeastHosting for such reason.

2.5. Conservation

TheBeastHosting will keep the personal data to which it has had access due to the service provided, as well as any support or document in which they appear, during the time in which the Main Contract is in force or as long as an Act Once this has been completed, it will destroy the data and any media or documents in which they are incorporated, taking into account the characteristics of the services contracted and the retention periods stipulated, as the case may be, in the Main Contract. However, TheBeastHosting may keep the data and information processed, duly blocked, in the event that they could derive responsibilities from their relationship with the Contracting Party. The destruction of the information will be carried out without the need to issue formal communication or any certification stating that it has been carried out.

2.6. Confidentiality

TheBeastHosting undertakes to maintain professional secrecy with respect to the data accessed by virtue of the Main Contract, and the duty to keep them, obligations that will subsist after the end of its relationship with the Contracting Party. The rest of the obligations envisaged in relation to data processing on behalf of third parties, will be extinguished at the moment in which the data have been deleted or eliminated from the data storage equipment or, in some way, destroyed or made inaccessible.

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